Friday, 23 September 2016

Simple, Fun, and Smart Ways to Save Money for your Wedding

1.    DIY or buy paper or silk flowers. The truth is, all the money spent on all the beautiful bouquets will end up either in the trash or your compost pile. You can find really fun photos of weddings where they decided on really big flowers, we mean HUGE flowers, and it looks like a lot of fun!

2.    Go with fish instead of lobster. We know you want the massive lobster tails, but by the time you break it down per person, you will be saving a nice chunk of change by switching to fish. Aside from saving money, fish is not as messy and it’s better for you!

3.    Grab SFO Airport Limo Service and head to the beach. Want to plan the wedding with friends and family members? Instead of grabbing lunch at a local restaurant why not pack a lunch and have a nice wedding planning picnic?

4.    Don’t have your wedding on a Saturday. This will save you a lot of—not only money, but stress of trying to find the right venue on the right day.

5.    If you want go without real flowers (don’t worry, we don’t blame you a bit) then try to incorporate more greenery into your centerpieces and venue décor. As you may have guessed, a bunch of green ferns will cost much less can a bunch of orchids. While you at it, you might as well check to see what flowers are in season, as they will be the least expensive.

6.    Reserve your Car Service to SFO ahead of time. This, just like don’t getting married on a Saturday will save you both time and money.

7.    Serve southern foods or comfort foods, they tend to be a little less expensive.

8.    DIY your wedding invitations.

9.    Have your ceremony and reception at the same venue.

10.  Choose a venue that you won’t have to do a décor overhaul in. Pick a place like an arboretum, a Victorian style mansion, or a modernist venue that already has wonderful décor in it.

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