Friday, 9 September 2016

Quieting Down the Kids at Your San Francisco Wedding

Planning ahead goes a long way, from planning your SFO Airport Limo Service to the details of the wedding vows. One thing to think about is your younger guests, will they be so bored that they drive their parents crazy or will they have a blast like everyone else? An irritated child can be enough to make friends and family leave early can leave a young one screaming during the middle of the wedding ceremony all the way to the limo to SFO going back home.

What can you do?

Give them a purpose. Think back to when you were 16, what were your daily priorities? Keeping cool, style, the opposite sex, sports, and all the small things we thought we’re the big things back then. So as 16 year old you, now place yourself at a wedding. You’re probably left thinking, “What am I doing here?”

So give them a chance to be a part of the wedding. There are plenty of roles to be filled, why not let them set out silverware, decorate, put out the signs or balloons, or even give them the chance to be the flower girl if that is something you would like to see one of your little sisters or nieces enjoy.

Let them have fun. Consider giving them a time and place to get rid of some of that energy before the ceremony takes place.

If your family has a lot of children consider renting a venue with an outdoor area that kids can play in. If you’re lucky enough to score some outdoors, bring a few footballs or soccer balls. A family favorite is the photo booth rental. This will entertain anyone and give them a chance to have some good laughs.

A bounce castle is a fun way to wear out the kids, the parents will be thankful too! They can be rented for hours at a time.

After the wedding use an SFO Car Service that you depend on!

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